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6 Free Ways to Maximize your
brand online through social media

1. Use relevant platforms

Sure, SnapChat is the “cool” app kids use these days. But, it’s not a place of advertising, it’s more for personal messages with friends.

Stick to the platforms where you can reach out to an audience actually searching for you. Stick to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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2. Think of your audience

Go beyond what you like and put yourself in your audience’s shoes. What problems are they facing? What are interested in? Write your posts according to this.

Generally speaking, schools have two audiences to think of—community and leads. Your community is your current students, parents and its surrounding neighborhoods (if applicable). Your ‘leads’ are perspective students and parents who might be a great fit for your school. Think of who they are. Are they the excelling student? Are they focused on an extracurricular activity? Maybe they’re at-risk students seeking a second chance. The way you write to them will change based on who they are.

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3. Post engaging content

Don’t be afraid to engage your audience. Ask them questions, write blogs and share them. Make sure what you choose has a picture that stands out.

Remember, a picture that stands out first captures the eye, but the content is what will keep the attention.

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4. Post frequently without losing quality

It varies based on your analytics, and you’ll have to figure out what frequency is best based on what is getting the highest amount of engagement and conversions.

But, generally speaking, 5–7 posts are best for breaking through the barriers until your community finally hears you. They won’t listen, though, if you post poor quality photos or long, boring content. It’s important that both quantity and quality exist in this case.

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5. Be diligent in responding to direct messages

Once you have your presence built, you’ll start seeing personal messages on Facebook, maybe even direct Tweets or Direct Messaging on Instagram.

It’s important that you respond to all messages within an hour whenever possible. For one, Facebook actually ranks you as “responsive,” and as a school, you’ll want to have that badge. For another, a ‘lead’ is going to lose interest pretty quickly if their first customer service experience with you is a question you never answered.

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6. Look for UGC opportunities

This takes a lot of work, but it’s a great way to build your brand online. Nobody likes a person who talks only about themselves, and social media is no different.

That’s where User-generated content (UGC) comes into play. It’s social posts about your school from someone else. That builds a great reputation for your school.

How do you control that? We like to start with the current audience. Hold contests, have them tag your in a post talking about their experience. Create a hashtag and have others start using it. From there, you can get UGC flowing a little more naturally. A lot of work, sure, but worth the effort.

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Don’t have the time to manage social media on your own? We can help! FlipSwitch has a proven record of growing schools and increasing leads through social media.

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