Providing a little more work than just your average press release.

Although, yes, we do that too.

There are a few reasons why publishing ongoing content to your website and externally is important:

  • Establishes credibility
  • Develops a relationship with your community
  • Drives specific keywords to drive organic search and traffic to your site
  • Provides another avenue for enrolling

Not all visitors will head to your site and say, “Where do I sign up?” In fact, most need to read more information before making a decision. This is what we call developing a relationship with your community.

With a world of information available at your fingertips, news releases are no longer the main source of communication. In order to truly find your audience, you’ll need a full content plan that includes digital and traditional campaigns. Which we just so happen to do.

We can develop a strategy and content to best market your brand, reach out and connect to your community and drive organic searches to your site. Yes, we will post news releases when needed, but we’ll also develop content for digital and traditional promotional campaigns.

Your website will have evergreen articles posted that include keywords and topics we’ve previously tested to develop a relationship with prospects, increase website viewership and increase completed application forms. Unique articles are published for each client tailored for your readers to provide an online community for your current families, which we find can improve retention rates.

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