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How to create ‘school spirit’ on social media

By October 31, 2019Uncategorized

School spirit isn’t just for the mascots anymore.

Think on how you’d bring school spirit to your school traditionally. You’d probably get a mascot, have pep rallies and other school events to bring your community closer.

You can do the same through social media. Well, you can do it very similarly, anyway.

First, why school spirit matters:

  • It creates a sense of community
  • Which leads to student retention
  • And leads to students recommending your school to friends and family
  • Which also means more student enrollment

How to create ‘school spirit’ on social media

Post frequently to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Posting content about 4-7 times a week can really make an impact on your community. They can’t know about you if they can’t find you, and the same goes for social. Post content not just about enrolling, but content that can encourage school spirit. Here are a few ideas below.

Highlight the incredible students, teachers and parents in your community

Chances are, you have students who accomplish great things. And teachers who do the same. So, let your community know about them on social media.

Student’s parents will be proud to see them on your page and will want to share the content, which means your post reaches out to even more people. Teachers alike have family and friends who want to support them by liking and sharing your content.

For students, it helps them to see other students going through similar things. It inspires them to do better, and excites them about the potential post that could be about them. What better way to spread school spirit than that?

Create a mascot and share it often

Mascots are great for school spirit, and that’s no different on social. We’ve found that bringing life to your mascot can increase engagement on your posts. You may not share a story about a student you don’t know, but a mascot who is doing something funny or even inspiring is sometimes easier to share.

Kayla T. painted these gorgeous koi fish, which ‚Äúsymbolize good luck and are associated with perseverance in adversity…

Posted by Primavera Online on Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Maybe you don’t have a mascot suit, and that’s OK, though we do recommend having one. If you’re not able to get one, make a character of your own. For example, one of our clients has a foam lightbulb with a smiley face on it. They share stories of Watson all around the workspace, and this character helps bring more engagement and a sense of community to their social media page.

Did you know Harvey Ball designed the first smiley face graphic in 1963? This is now one of the most recognizable images around the world. Hope this fun fact put a smile on your face for #WorldSmileDay

Posted by StrongMind on Friday, October 4, 2019

Share school events before, during and after

Knowing your school has opportunities to socialize is very important to parents. But it doesn’t just help market to prospective students and parents, it helps the currently enrolled, too. Seeing school events on social media that a student just attended makes him feel like he was a part of something, a community. Those who did not attend feel like they were “there,” because they got to see updates the entire time. It also helps students see the fun going on and encourages them to attend the next event. You can even live stream during the event on Facebook so students can virtually attend if they wanted.

And so, sharing school events brings a community together, which only adds to school spirit via social media.

These tips we shared are no easy task. So, if you want to focus on your students, we can handle the school spirit and enrollment. Click on the button below to get started.

It’s time for action!


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